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I. The Lessor:

 This Rental Agreement (see “Agreement”) is between the Lessee who is indicated above and the Lessor, represented by
Meribel Prive SAS, under the name of Meribel Conciergerie
Social capital of 149,666€ whose registered office is situated at Route de la Chaudanne, 73550 MERIBEL,
Registered with Chambery RSC under the number 443 140 694
Carrying out the activity of a rental agency, professional card obtained in France n°7301 2017 000 021 776,
Benefiting from a financial guarantee taken out by GALIAN, 73, rue de la Boëtie,75008 Paris. N° TVA FR 40 443 140 694
The Lessor offers rental of properties on the website (« Website »).
II. General Conditions :

The Lessor rents to the Lessee, who accepts, the furnished property specified in the information of the reservation above. The Lessee declares to have read the description of the property, available on the website.
The Agreement covers furnished property according to article D.324-1 of the tourism code, which can only be used for temporary or leisure purposes.
2.Length of the rental
The Contract is for the duration specified in the information of the reservation above.
The Contract ceases automatically at the end of this term, without the need for the Lessor to give notice of the termination. It cannot be extended without the express agreement of the Lessor. The keys will be handed over to the Lessee on the first date of entry of the contract at the address of the premises between 17h00 and 20h00. In case of impediment, the Lessee must inform the Lessor as early as possible to arrange an alternative solution for the collection of the keys. The Lesse has to vacate the property by 10am on the final day of the rental agreement.
3.Price of the rental
The Agreement is granted for the total price expressed in euros and including of all taxes, that was designated on the booking information above for the duration of the rental period. The rent includes, for the duration of the rental period, the payment of rental charges and available supplies as specified in the description of the property.
4.Payment schedule
The Lessee agrees to pay the amount of the price of the Agreement as following:
-a deposit of 25%
-the remaining balance 30 days before the date of the start of the stay
In the event of non-payment of the balance by the date specified, the Agreement will be automatically cancelled without any further action.
5.Obligations the Lessee
The Agreement has the following conditions that the Lessee agrees to fulfil, namely:
-Only to occupy the premises for personal means, the conduct of any trade, business or industry is strictly prohibited. The Lessee recognises that the property is rented only to them temporarily and for pleasure
-Not substituting persons or subletting, even for no charge, the apartment without the express written permission of the Lessor
-Abstain from throwing in the sinks, baths, bidets etc objects likely to cause a blockage of the pipes, otherwise the Lessee will be liable for the cost of repair for the equipment’s
-The Lessee may not claim any reduction in rent in the case that urgent repairs incumbent on the Lessor occur during the duration of the rental
-Avoid any noise or behaviour by themselves or other guests that are likely to disturb the neighbours
-Respect the maximum number of persons that may occupy the apartment which is listed in the description  
-Alert the Lessor as soon as possible about any damage to the property, furnishings or equipment
6.Security deposit
The Lessee must send to the Lessor a security deposit in case of damage to the property or it’s equipment’s or for the loss of keys or other objects. The amount of this security deposit is specified in the booking information. The security deposit will be requested within the 7 days before the start of the Agreement. The security deposit must be paid before the Lessee checks-in.
7.State of the property and itinerary
The Lessee declares to have read the details of the property, available on the website, and seen the present state of the property and agrees to accept it in that state. It is the responsibility of the Lessee to verify the cleanliness of the property and to inventory the equipment available to them. Anything missing must be reported to the Lessor, as soon as possible and within 48 hours of entry to the property. In the absence of declaring anything, the Lessee agrees to have accepted the property without reservation.
The security deposit will be returned by the Lessor, at the latest 15 days after the departure of the Lessee, in accordance with the departure inventory and in accordance with any reductions for damage caused.
8.Cancellation conditions
The Lessee can cancel the booking by sending a request by email to the following address:
All cancellations are subject to the following fees:
-More than 30 days before the date of arrival: the amount of the deposit of 25%
-30 days or less before the date of arrival: 100% of the total price of the rental 
9.Cancellation conditions COVID- 19 Winter 22/23
In the case of restrictive measures in the commune of Meribel Les Allues which prevent Meribel Privé from welcoming the Lessee in the rented property, the Lessor will cancel the contract without charges (except credit card fee that are approximately 1,5%). Additionally, in the event of restrictive measures in the place of residence of the Lessee which prevent them from travelling to the location of the rental property, the Lessee can, upon providing proof, cancel the Rental Contract without charges.
The Lessee declares to have taken out comprehensive insurance to protect themselves against the risks of rental
11.Transfer and subletting
The Rental Contract is for the sole benefit of the Lessee specified above.
Any transfer of this Contract, partial or total subletting, even free, is strictly prohibited
12.No right of withdrawal
For any remote order, the consumer code allows for a cool off period of 14 days from the receipt of the email confirming the order.
However, conforming to the article L.221-28 of the consumer code, this right of cancellation cannot be exercised for any orders at distance for ‘accommodation, transport, catering and leisure’, ordered as a package or separately for either a specified date or determined period. Thus, the Lessee does not benefit from a cool off period for this rental contract.
13.Automatic resolution
In the event that the Lessee does not fulfil one or any of the obligations of this Agreement, the Agreement will be terminated immediately by tracked letter. The terminated will take effect 48 hours after the reception by the Lessee of the aforementioned letter. The letter, in conformation with the article 1225 of the Civil Code, much expressly refer to the clause.
This clause also applies in the event that the Lessor fails to meet their own contractual obligations.
14.Force majeure
In the event that the execution of the Agreement is either delayed or prevented, in part or in entirety, due to the occurrence of a force majeure, in accordance with article 1218 of the civil code, the affected party must inform the other, in writing, with the shortest delay possible and in all cases with a delay less than 48 hours from the occurrence of such an event, describing the event with precision and give the duration. The end of the force majeure must also be communicated, within the same timeframe, by the party concerned. In the event that the force majeure prevents the availability of the rented property, the parties reserve the right to either (i) terminate the Contract in accordance with the articles 1351 and 1351-1 of the civil code or (ii) agree upon a new date of the rental. In the event that the rental is impossible at the original date due to the occurrence of a force majeure, or on any later date, the party is excused, exonerated and released from the obligations of the Contract, insofar that it is compromised or prevented due to this event, without incurring any liability.
15.Complaints and jurisdiction
The Rental Agreement is under French law.
Any non-compliance must be reported so that the Lessor has the opportunity to remedy it by either offering an appropriate alternative solution or correcting the reported issue. In general, any complaints relating to the Rental Agreement should be sent in writing to the following address: Route de la Chaudanne, 73550 MERIBEL or by email to: within 15 days of the final day of the Rental Contract. The complaint must be accompanied by all supporting documents issued to the Lessee and proving the merits of the complaint, otherwise the complaint will not be processed. Any Lessee who has not recieved a satisfactory response to their complaint within 60 days after the referral of the complaint to the Lessors customer service department may claim, for free, a conventional mediation session under the conditions of articles L.611-1 and following of the Consumer Code or any alternative dispute resolution method.
All disputes relating to the Rental Agreement that cannot be solved amicably between the Lessee and the Lessor may be taking to the French Courts, under the conditions of common law.
16.Election of domicile
For the execution of these terms, the parties agree to be domiciled at the address at the start of the contract and agree that the court will be that of the district in which the rented property is located.

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